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Micro Blogging and Extensive Commentary About Current Events, Politics, Religion Plus Sports Commentary Covering Professional Wrestling & The Washington Redskins.

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The Republican Party's Trojan Horse

From Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush and beyond the Republican Party has pitched its way into the cathedral of our hearts by proclaiming to be the Sovereign overseer of Liberty and Morality but with steady ambition they created a....Read More


America's True Economic Face

Eighty years ago our nation suffered through the Great Depression which was caused by an unchecked free market but thanks to Franklin D Roosevelt and other fearless people our nation.. ...  Read More

Why The Keystone XL is Bad For America

The Keystone XL Pipeline extension has been a hot topic for several years but what are the facts concerning this project? To Find Out, Click This Link Read More


 I Cling To My GOD, Not My Gun

Another unadulterated crime has been committed; a young man with an assault weapon or bomb has taken away the future and left everyone distraught. Why did he do it? How could he do it? What should be done about it?  These are the obvious questions but what are the answers?
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