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Why The Keystone Pipeline Should Not Be Extended

The Keystone XL Pipeline extension has been a hot topic for several years but what are the facts concerning this project? Will America really benefit from its construction? Will the pipeline damage the environment and more? These are the important questions we must ask before supporting or opposing this issue. I have been investigating this issue and have discovered some a few alarming facts and myths about the project....Read More



It's Adam and Eve-Not Adam and Steve-Not Even Madam and Eve

We are gathered here today to join this MAN and this WOMAN in Holy Matrimony

These words and similar ones are spoken around the world each year but their value and importance are quickly changing as the world moves further from universal truths and closer to a world laden with perverted immoralities. One of these immoralities is gay marriage but why is gay and/or lesbian marriage wrong? Here are a few of my answers....Read More

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